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TrippingFest on iOS

TrippingFest on iOS

Tripping Fest on Android

Tripping Fest on Android

TrippingParty on iPad

TrippingParty on iPad

I Am Important on iOS

I Am Important on iOS

TrippingFest iOS - Lite Version | Full Version | Find us on Facebook

TrippingFest is an iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app that lets you draw lots of crazy things very quickly. Instead of drawing and carefully placing one shape, point, line, whatever at a time, TrippingFest draws lots of them. Of course, TrippingFest can draw regular shapes, one at a time.

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How do I draw freehand/regularly?

  1. Go to Main Menu TrippingFest Main Menu button
  2. Patterns
  3. Freehand

Where did the top toolbar go? How do I get the toolbar back?

Shake your device.

Will TrippingFest support TV out?

Probably not...unless you're willing to pay me for it.

How do I draw without the symmetry/mirrors?

  1. Go to Options TrippingFest Options button
  2. Turn off three of the mirrors TrippingFest Options screen
TrippingFest draws lots of lines

TrippingFest comes in two versions, Lite and Full.

How do I save to my photo album?

Upgrade to the full version

Drawings and Screenshots

You must see the The Collection of Drawings on Facebook